This Summer

So far this summer I have been working, picking blueberries¬† and will soon be packing cucmbers. I hope to work lots and spend tons of time with my friends on the weekends. And blogging ūüôā

      I am so glad school is over! I have graduated grade 8! My last day of school was sad and happy, sad that I was leaving yet happy that I was moving on, and forward i my life.

     Any way I have to go but I will be back soon and feel free to comment on anything Ive said:)


I’m Back!!

      Yeah I know I havent blogged in forever since Feburary! But now Im back and it is my goal to blog once every two weeks. So you can look forward to hearing recent news about what Im up to.

     Lately I have been enjoying the last few weeks of school at Port Rowan Public School. I love the last few weeks of school because you dont really do work but you do lots of fun stuff! Also this year is super special because I am graduating grade eight!!

     I have also discoverded this awesome new website called PINTEREST.  It is a online, virtual pinboard I t is so awesome, I have found many great ideas on this website and I am I frequent visitor. Click the purple link that says Pinterest and visit the site then comment me back how you like it!  




Having an artist in the class was amazing!It was such and enriching experience to make masks with Anne Barber.Having an artist like her to teach us made this opputinity all the better.

What we did was make masks out of cardboard.We cut out eyes and a nose and then add ears and hats and cool features like that.then we paper mached the mask completely.The next day we painted them and added the final touches on the masks.The last day that Anne was here we created a skit with the masks.

Now what I didnt tell you was that these masks had to be related to historythis was the most amazing thing to do in history.The masks were related to historical characters and the skit took place in a historical time .I have never had such a great time in history!Or art!

Awesome quote list! Whats YOUR favourite quote?

My favourite saying is¬† “Its all craps and giggles until someone giggles and craps.” So whats your favourite saying or quote?Is it funny, insperational,or¬† even lame?Leave me a comment and let me know what your favourite saying or quote is.And if I like it I will add it to my awesome quote list!I used to have an open mind but my brains kept falling out


Individual Learning Goals!



Individual Learning Goals!
РTo spend some time to myself every day. I want to spend at least 1 hour to myself. I need to spend some time to myself because I am often helping others and don’t have time for myself.
– Get my work done on time. Find something to motivate me to do my school work to the best of my ability.
Do things without being asked or complaining. Have a more positive attitude when asked to do something. Have a more positive attitude about my siblings .
Local Community
– I can help out my neighbors. I can do this by shoveling their driveways or raking their lawns.


Reduce, reuse, recycle. I will do all these things and pick up garabage whenever I see it.


     I didnt really think I would ever WANT to blog. In the begining of these 10 weeks I just blogged because, yeah, my teacher made me! But now I actually enjoy it. Ive started posting blogs that are not related to school or the challenge. Or , not because my teacher made me!

          Now Im so amazed that I have  20, 965 visits on my blog! Thank you to all those people who have visited my blog or commented. Visit my blog and comment to tell me what you think!

All I want for Christmas is….

– a good book, Sarah Dessen and others are good authors

-a nice sweater

-some  good music, country or christian rock/rap

-maybe a nice pair of shoes

-by the way I love chocolate after eight and anything good works

-a cool pair of mittens

My Favourite Holiday!

       My favourite holiday is CHRISTMAS. I like christmas because I love the snow and I love the spirit of giving. Christmastime is full of good smells,cheerful singing  and children playing.And I totally accept gifts.

My favourite….

     First Im going to tell you about my favourite bands. One of my favoutite bands is SKILLET. Some of the songs they sing are- Monster, Hero, One day too late, Awake and Dont wake me. All of their music is  chtistian rock and is really great.Another on of my favourite bands is LECRAE.Their music is also christian rock and or rap.Some of my favourite songs by lecrae are High, Rebel, Rehab, and so much more.

      As you probably already know I love to read. Some of my favourite books are listed below.

Letters to GOD by, Patrick Doughtie.

Mistaken Idenity by,Don and susie Van Ryn and Newell Coleen and Whiteny Cerak.

The Hunger Games Trioligy by, Suzanne Collins. 

The Happening by, Harvey Yoder

Soul Surfer by, Bethany Hamilton

…and many more.